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MPQ Archive tweaks

Gom Jabbar pointed out some bugs with the Author Listing on MPQ Archive . The listing is meant to show the author name along with the average score for all their reviewed maps but it was incorrectly w…

Remove a review from MPQ Archive?

This is an interesting one and it’s also a first. I received this email earlier today:

The request was pretty simple, a Google on the chaps name threw up an old MPQ Archive review in the first f…

Last bit of MPQ Archive Coverage

Promise (fingers crossed). Ok, so I’m kinda struggling now but I want it more as a record for myself more than anything. Quake.de (thanks again Spirit). Raven Games forums. Wonder how it got there… Nobodysalternative QW forum (login required). I also made some tweaks to the site as well. The Archive By Author now lists all the author […]

More MPQ Archive coverage

Funny really given I only posted about it on my blog (which only Bal, bear and Vondur read), func_msgboard and in #terrafusion (which was kept in the topic for about 3 seconds until someone called czg a penis or something similar). First up QuakeBrasil. I haven’t foggiest what it says, probably that I’m the son of […]

MPQ Archive on Inside3D and PlanetQuake

Cool, some nice publicity for MPQ Archive.

Cracking write up on Inside3D about the site. Thanks to scar3crow for that.

[ Link ]
No idea how PlanetQuake found out. I’ve only posted on my…

MPQ Archive now open!

Whoop and stuff! Everything is there with a shiny new coat of paint. Reviews are searchable, maps downloadable, comments readable. Why open it on the 31st August? Well it was seven years to the day th…

MPQ Archive Update #5?

I dunno, I’ve lost count. You’re probably sick of this waffle, but I’ll carry on anyway. Current status is this, I’ve finished the site (yay!) and I’ve emailed various peeps who I think will hopefully…

MPQ Archive Downloads

One of those jobs I’ve really not been looking forward to has been sorting out the map downloads. The initial pass of the 500 maps (I was wrong in a previous post on the number of maps , I was using o…

Another MPQ Archive Update

No screen shots on this one, just waffle. I’ve gone a bit overboard on what I originally planned to do and I think I’m now officially in tinkering mode. I didn’t intend on having user accounts and the…

MPQ Archive Update

Progress has been pretty good. I’ve got various important bits and pieces working now. News and Review posts now load up from the database, along with their comments. In terms of how they look, well t…

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